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Spring 2-4-2015


The T.E. Smith Collection contains several pieces of diverse information about T.E. Smith when he worked as registrar at the Georgia State College for Women and the First Baptist Church of Milledgeville. The collection contains ground plans, meeting notes, newsletters, articles, surveys, office files, contracts, insurance information and personal correspondence in relation to the college and T.E. Smith. It also contains chapters from "Public Education in Georgia" and other articles found in his collection. The inclusive dates range between 1777-1979. The bulk dates are 1858, 1859 and 1876.

The T.E. Smith Collection also contains historical references, correspondence, newspaper references, notes, biographies of local pastors, revival information, a church constitution, maps and other statistical information and research relating to the First Baptist Church in Milledgeville. The inclusive dates range between 1811-1970. The bulk dates are 1930-1950.



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