Submissions from 2020

Paintings on loan at the Department of Art, UNLV, Abraham Abebe

Social Distance, Valerie R. Aranda

The book As Art, vol.8.0, Infinity, Valerie R. Aranda

Valdosta National 2020, Valerie R. Aranda

Global Art Exchange Memory project, Matthew Forrest

Chemistry in Art, Matthew Forrest and Peter Rosado-Flores

Drawn to Macon III, Emily J. Gómez

For Kinzey and Jack, Emily J. Gómez

Resilience, Emily J. Gómez

Resonance, Emily J. Gómez

Tiny Universe Three, Emily J. Gómez

Cumberland Island: Land, Water, Wind, and Light, Emily J. Gómez and Ernesto R. Gómez

Opening Moonflower, Bad Branch Falls, and Toccoa Falls photo series and commentary, Ernesto R. Gómez

Virtually Close, Socially Distant, Tea Youn Kim-Kassor

VOYAGER: Migrational Narratives, Tea Youn Kim-Kassor

Submissions from 2018


The Effect of Performance Appraisal Practice on Employee Motivation: The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE), Abraham Abebe