Submissions from 2020

Transformative Learning Experiences through Short-term Study Abroad programs, Tsu-Ming Chiang and Jenq-Foung Yao


Should We Teach Data Visualization Using Data Visualization Style Guides?, Kevin L. Elder and Amy A. Cesal


Information Systems Security Education: MIS Majors and Business Majors in AACSB College of Businesses, Kevin L. Elder and Thomas S. E. Hilton

Towards Hardware Literacy for Undergraduate Computer Science Students, Gongbing Hong and Kenneth Trussel

National Culture and the Gender Diversity of Corporate Boards, Sarah A. Humphries and Catherine Whelan


Engaging Students With Course Content Using Scheduled and Unscheduled Emails and Text Messages, Eric Kobbe, Lars Leader, E-Ling Hsiao, Peter Cardon, Bryan Marshall, Craig Callender, Nicole Gibson, Brad Fowler, and Joy J. Godin

Stereotyping and Stigmatizing IT professionals: Toward a model of devaluation, René Moquin, Paige S. Rutner, and Laurie Giddens

Investigation of virtual teams and serious games, Jeannie Pridmore and Joy Godin

Stress and turnover intentions: The impact of boundary-spanning interaction activities, Jessica L. Robinson, Paige S. Rutner, Karl B. Manrodt, and Cindy Riemenschneider