Submissions from 2021

Is the NBA Summer League Predictive of Performance for NBA Rookies?, Brent A. Evans, Joshua D. Pitts, and Chris Clark

Submissions from 2020

Suffering in silence: How COVID- 19 school closures inhibit the reporting of child maltreatment, E. Jason Baron, Ezra G. Goldstein, and Cullen T. Wallace

Economics in Three Acts, Christopher Clark, Brooke Conaway, Jessie Folk, and Justin Roush

Shareholder litigation and the risk incentive effect of executive compensation: A re-examination, Isarin Durongkadej, Siqi Wei, and Ramesh Rao

Defensive Coordinator and Head Coach effects on team defensive performance in the National Football League, Joshua D. Pitts and Brent A. Evans

Who responds to changes to the federal adoption tax credit? Evidence from Florida, Luke P. Rodgers and Cullen T. Wallace

The political economy of Vermont’s abortion bill, Shishir Shakya, Elham Erfanian, and Alexandre Scarcioffolo

Submissions from 2019

Do Teacher Characteristics Impact Teacher Effectiveness in High School Economics?, Christopher Clark and John Swinton

Managerial overconfidence, firm transparency, and stock price crash risk: Evidence from an emerging market, Quanxi Liang, Leng Ling, Jingjing Tang, Haijian Zeng, and Mingming Zhuang

Judging a book by its cover: The influence of physical attractiveness on the promotion of regional leaders, Leng Ling, Danglun Luo, and Guoman SHE

Unobserved ties between corporate executives and mutual fund managers, Jing Lin, Leng Ling, and Mingshan Zhou

Manager impacts on worker performance in American football: Do offensive coordinators impact quarterback performance in the National Football League?, Joshua D. Pitts and Brent Evans

Submissions from 2018

Integrating econometrics: A modern undergraduate economics capstone experience, Brooke Conaway, Christopher Clark, J. J. Arias, and Jessie Folk

From college to the NBA: what determines a player’s success and what characteristics are NBA franchises overlooking?, Brent A. Evans

Cross-sport recruiting effects in NCAA D1 football and basketball, Brent A. Evans and Joshua D. Pitts

Evidence of skill and strategy in daily fantasy basketball, Brent A. Evans, Justin Roush, Joshua D. Pitts, and Adam Hornby

Evidence on the importance of cognitive ability tests for NFL quarterbacks: what are the relationships among Wonderlic scores, draft positions and NFL performance outcomes?, J. D. Pitts and B. Evans

Submissions from 2017

Dynamic autocorrelation of intraday stock returns, Xi Dong, Shu Feng, Leng Ling, and Pingping Song

Submissions from 2016

Parents, homevoters, and public school employees: An analysis of voting patterns in the 2012 Georgia Charter Schools Amendment Referendum, Brooke Conaway, Benjamin Scafidi, and E. F. Stephenson

Political connections, overinvestments and firm performance: Evidence from Chinese listed real estate firms, Leng Ling, Xiaorong Zhou, Quanxi Liang, Pingping Song, and Haijian Zeng

Submissions from 2015

Who takes Advanced Placement (AP)?, Benjamin P. Scafidi, Christopher Clark, and John R. Swinton

Submissions from 2014

Window dressing in mutual funds, Vikas Agarwal, Gerald D. Gay, and Leng Ling

Submissions from 2013

The relationship of ADHD symptoms to gambling behaviour in the USA: Results from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, Christopher Clark, Lia Nower, and Douglas M. Walker

Fiscal decentralization and horizontal fiscal inequality in China: New evidence from metropolitan areas, Yinghua Jin, Leng Ling, Hongfeng Peng, and Pingping Song

Mutual fund flows and window-dressing, Leng Ling and J. J. Arias

Submissions from 2012

Medical malpractice liability and physician migration, John J. Perry and Christopher Clark

The impact of the teaching High School Economics workshop for teachers on student achievement, John R. Swinton, Benjamin Scafidi, and Howard C. Woodard

Submissions from 2011


Capacity and factor timing effects in active portfolio management, Conrad Ciccotello, Jason Greene, Leng Ling, and David Rakowski

Do peers influence achievement in high school economics? Evidence from Georgia's economics end of course test, Christopher Clark, Benjamin Scafidi, and John R. Swinton

Submissions from 2010

Does in-service professional learning for high school economics teachers improve student achievement?, John R. Swinton, Thomas de Berry, Benjamin Scafidi, and Howard C. Woodard

Submissions from 2009

When does teacher licensure make sense?, J. J. Arias and Benjamin Scafidi

Submissions from 2008

The benefits of the Kyoto Protocol to developing countries, John R. Swinton and Amin Sarkar

Submissions from 2005

Search and leisure with idiosyncratic endowment shocks in a random-matching model, J. J. Arias

Submissions from 2004

Additional evidence on the relationship between class size and student performance, J. J. Arias and Douglas M. Walker

Phase I completed: An empirical assessment of the 1990 CAAA, John R. Swinton

Submissions from 2002

The potential for cost savings in the sulfur dioxide allowance market: Empirical evidence from Florida, John R. Swinton