Date of Award

Fall 2013

Document Type


First Advisor

Judith M. Malachowski, PhD, RN

Second Advisor

Jeanne Sewell, MSN, RN

Third Advisor

Margaret Orn, DNP, RN


Barriers to nurses' utilization of research in patient care are the epicenter of translating evidence into practice. Assessment of demographic variables such as age, service line, years of experience, and education level and their impact on nurses' perceptions of barriers to research utilization in practice details this project. No statistically significant differences exist in perceived barriers between any demographic group including certified nurses, service lines, or time since last research course. The Magnet culture of the facility validates the low mean scores on the BARRIERS tool. New knowledge gained from the project includes the impact of certification, assessment of time since last research course, advanced life support, and nursing as a first career on nurses perceptions of barriers to research utilization. Recommendations for further research on this topic center on delivery and retention of research content, comparison data on advanced life support versus other certifications, and qualitative analysis of findings atypical of previous studies.

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Nursing Commons