Date of Award

Fall 12-2017

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Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

First Advisor

Moore, Leslie PhD, RN, MBA

Second Advisor

Haley, Glynnis DNP, RN

Third Advisor

Jack, Brian MD, MA


The 12-actionable items of the Re-Engineered Discharge Program (RED) are equipped to address essential areas to prevent hospital re-visits. Evidence supports the use of nurses to complete these essential components of hospital interventions. The aims of this project were to: 1) assess nurses’ readiness to learn prior to receiving education on the RED Program, and 2) measure the utilization of the RED discharge process from patient chart reviews following an educational intervention focused on the RED 12-actionable items. Participants (N = 69) scored high M = 219.8 (SD 23.7) on the Self-Directed Learning Readiness – Adult Scale, indicating the nurses had high self-directed readiness to learn prior to the educational intervention. Chart reviews found that utilization of the 12-actionable items pre-intervention, (n = 60) M = 6.55 (SD 1.478) compared to post-intervention (n = 60) M = 10.08 (SD 1.544) indicated a statistically significant improvement in discharge planning (t = 17.730, p = .000 (CI 3.13 – 3.93). The study supports that RED discharge program focused education sessions for nurses with higher levels of self-directed readiness to learn are effective in promoting improvement in discharge planning.

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