Date of Award

Spring 5-11-2018

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Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

First Advisor

Dr. Debbie Greene

Second Advisor

Dr. Leslie Moore

Third Advisor

Dr. Alexander Yu


Objective: Evidence based literature has illustrated that patient education can improve patient outcomes. In this translational study, a perioperative neurosurgery education bundle was implemented in patients undergoing elective cranial surgery to determine whether this patient centered education improved patient satisfaction, patient knowledge and patient outcomes. Method: This quality improvement study implemented an education bundle for elective cranial surgery patients both at a preoperative clinic visit and prior to discharge. Patients completed the Patient Interview Teaching Guide (PTIG) questionnaire and Client Satisfaction Questionnaire (CSQ-8) at the first postoperative visit. Results: Correlation statistics were conducted on demographic factors and patient knowledge and satisfaction scores. No sample characteristics significantly correlated with the level of patient satisfaction and knowledge following implementation of a neurosurgery perioperative education bundle. A significant correlation was found between time between surgery and follow up and postoperative complications and 30-day readmissions. A statistically significant effect on postoperative complications and 30-day readmissions could not be attributed to bundle implementation. Conclusions: Study results show that there is no statistically significant benefit to the implementation of a perioperative neurosurgical education bundle to elective cranial surgery patients. Although statistical significance was lacking, there is still a great need for patients to receive adequate patient education during their perioperative period. Implications for further research include the use of a collaborative approach to further identify mechanisms that would facilitate the delivery of patient health care information as well as recruit a larger study sample

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