Date of Award

Spring 2020

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

First Advisor

Dr. Jennifer Goldsberry

Second Advisor

Dr. Sarah Handwerker

Third Advisor

Dr. Gehrig Harris



Heart failure (HF) is a chronic progressive disease that, if not managed adequately, may result in complications including rapid disease progression, frequent hospitalization, and early death. The prevalence of HF related deaths in Muscogee County, Georgia is the highest of all counties in Georgia. Additionally, Georgia is a state with one of the highest prevalence of heart- related diseases in the United States (Centers for Disease Control, 2016). The purpose of this translational project was to identify a standard HF discharge guide to implement on admission and determine if implementation increased self-care in HF patients after discharge. Self-care management scores at baseline (n = 22) M = 50.46 (SD 28.02) as compared to one- week post intervention (n = 22) M = 63.18 (SD 11.90) were indicative of statistical significance t = -2.301, p = .032 (CI -24.23- -1.22). There was no statistical significance identified in self-care scores from baseline to one-week post intervention for self-care maintenance, t (21) = -1.858, p = .077, (CI -15.41- .86), or self-care confidence, t (21) = -1.699, p = .104, (CI -18.09-1.82). The study did show an increase in mean score from self-care maintenance pre-intervention M = 54.68 (SD 12.93) to post-intervention M = 61.95 (SD 15.39) and self-care confidence pre-intervention M = 58.86 (SD 19.99) to post-intervention M = 67.00 (SD 17.78). This study suggests that an educational intervention for HF patients does increase aspects of self-care from baseline to one week after discharge. Any education that can result in consistent increased self-care skills for HF patients should be considered a benefit. Future studies should focus on patient-centered methods and interventions for HF that promote competence in self-care skills.

Keywords: Self-care, discharge instructions, heart failure

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