Date of Award

Spring 2022

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

First Advisor

Dr. Deborah MacMillan

Second Advisor

Dr. Krystal Canady

Third Advisor

Dr. Bridget Denzik


Background: Creating a positive experience for the new nurse during the orientation period is vital in ensuring safe practice, employee satisfaction, and improved self-efficacy and retention of the employee long-term. Problem: At a 245-bed acute care hospital in the southeastern United States, nursing retention and preceptor practices have surfaced as an opportunity for improvement. Methods: A quality improvement project involving the implementation of an evidence-based preceptor program with formal preceptor education, preceptor application, and a standardized feedback tool was evaluated to determine the effect on preceptor/preceptee self-efficacy, intent to stay, and preceptor engagement. Results: 10 preceptor-preceptee pairs with previous nursing experience participated. Spearman’s Rho testing showed no statistically significant difference pre and post intervention in any category except preceptor intent to stay, which decreased from baseline (M 13, SD 13.4) to 1-month post (M 6.74, SD 4.7) (Z = -2.04, p = .041). Preceptors identified positive, negative, and neutral themes related to precepting; all reported a sense of duty and desire to continue precepting. Conclusion: Well-developed preceptor programs impact the qualitative experience of preceptors, and clinically affect self-efficacy and intent to stay. Additional research needs to be conducted on this topic.

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