Hopping on the brand boycotting bandwagon on Facebook: Because of the issue, others, or self-enhancement?

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Journal of Customer Behaviour


This study examines the influences of boycott issue importance, others’ boycott participation (i.e., the number of ‘likes’ on the brand boycott Facebook page), and scope for self-enhancement on consumers’ intentions to participate in brand boycotts on Facebook. Results of an online experiment revealed that others’ participation and boycott issue importance positively impacted consumers’ perceived scope for self-enhancement as well as their active boycott participation intentions. Further, perceived issue importance also positively influenced passive boycott participation intentions. In addition, scope for self-enhancement mediated the effects of others’ participation and boycott issue importance on both active and passive boycott participation intentions. Findings aid in enhancing brands’ understanding of what drives consumers to engage in virtual brand boycotting within digital media environments and may be used to develop more successful mediation strategies. This study empirically extends traditional consumer boycotting theory to virtual environments and reveals the potential for different boycott motivations within socially dynamic, digital environments.


Management, Marketing, and Logistics

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