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The field of learning and memory has evolved rapidly over the last fifty years. Technological advances have made it possible to observe and record from a large number of neurons simultaneously, manipulate cellular activity to influence regional dynamics, visualize whole brain structure and function with unprecedented resolution, and create artificial intelligence that is capable of complex problem solving. With new technologies, the nature of the questions the field is able to address has also evolved. The 2018 International Conference on Learning and Memory (#LEARNMEM2018) is held on April 18-22, 2018 to celebrate the field’s accomplishments and chart the path for the next fifty years. This Research Topic serves as a repository of the discoveries and advances featured at the conference. In this Research Topic, we welcome papers on mechanisms of learning and memory, broadly construed, welcoming scientists from different subfields of neuroscience including cellular/molecular, systems, cognitive, and computational neuroscience. Works considered include empirical reports, computational models, reviews and meta-analyses, as well as position/theoretical papers. All contributors to #LEARNMEM2018 are strongly encouraged to submit their work to the Research Topic, however, the topic is open to anyone.


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