Transformative Learning Science Experiences beyond the Classroom: A Longitudinal Case Study of One Organization's Approach

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International Journal of Pedagogy and Curriculum


Actionable sustainability is a timely topic for the current learner in higher education institutions. Therefore, the purpose of this case study is to showcase best practices by dedicated and passionate faculty grounded in pedagogical theory. This study summarizes relevant learning beyond the classroom that provides transformative learning experiences for the student and successfully connects students with career opportunities and community involvement for the betterment of society. This longitudinal study was conducted across a ten-year period and addresses how the development and actions of a grassroots educational organization lead to successful transformative learning experiences that inspire actions and changes across institutional and community members. The grassroots environmental sustainability organization's educational offerings are presented through a timeline that highlights the interconnected interdisciplinary events for which students are active participants. The subject organization is a collaborative faculty grassroots organization from a medium-sized university located in Southeastern USA that brings businesses interested in sustainability, sustainability leaders, community members, college students, faculty, and staff together to share and learn from each other. The organization's board members communicate with businesses and organizations seeking their participation in inspiring college students in sustainability dialogues and actions. To collect and analyze the data for this case study, the researchers utilized three analytical methodologies (i.e., secondary data, stakeholder surveys, and observational research). This study provides a successful model whereby dedicated faculty and community members can inspire change and a commitment to support a healthy ecosystem. Typical lecturing is not going to work in the twenty-first century.


Biological and Environmental Sciences

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