Fate of halogenated aromatic compounds in soils and sediments

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Bioremediation of Contaminated Soils


As the entrance resistance results from the convergence of streamlines to inlet openings in non-ideal drains, it is clear that the boundary of the soil with the openings will influence the entrance resistance. Many analytical solutions exist to calculate the entrance resistance of various types of inlet openings for drain pipes, but since the radial flow toward drain pipe openings applies to well screen openings as well, solutions for the latter also are valid for the former. The equations for the entrance resistance of externally smooth drains can only be applied to corrugated drains with the perforations on the top of the corrugations. Two such models have been used frequently to investigate the entrance resistance of drain pipes, namely the sand model and the electric analogue. All the investigations carried out in a sand model confirm that the use of envelopes results in a considerable reduction in the entrance resistance.


Biological and Environmental Sciences

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