Cryptocurrencies in accounting schools?

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Higher Education, Skills and Work-based Learning


Purpose: This study aims to investigate the extent to which newly certified public accountants (CPAs) and accounting graduate students possess a comprehensive understanding of cryptocurrencies and the skills they have acquired throughout their education. Design/methodology/approach: A qualitative analysis was used through semi-structured interviews to obtain an in-depth insight into cryptocurrencies, which could not be investigated easily through quantitative methods, and to provide an understanding of the context for cryptocurrencies from CPA and non-CPA students' points of view. This was in addition to focusing on understanding the differences between the students' thoughts. Findings: This study found that recent accounting graduates and CPA members have the least awareness of cryptocurrencies, likely due to a lack of professors' comprehension or exposure to the concept. However, students involved in forensic courses provided more information about cryptocurrencies compared with other students. Research limitations/implications: The data are limited to only a single country. Given that cryptocurrencies are a relatively new notion in accounting, there is an alarming lack of legislation. Further, the authors found that recent accounting graduates and CPAs had the same level of knowledge of cryptocurrencies, most probably due to a lack of exposure during their education and academics' limited understanding of the concept. Practical implications: The students' differing answers about cryptocurrencies show differences in their current level of understanding of cryptocurrencies. Originality/value: This study has identified that the vast majority of accounting graduates lack adequate knowledge about cryptocurrencies or access to adequate resources, despite understanding the fundamental concepts of cryptocurrency.



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