Middle Grades Teacher Education Program in the John H. Lounsbury College of Education: Historically Progressive

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Middle Level Teacher Preparation across International Contexts: Understanding Local and Global Factors Influencing Teacher Education


The authors describe the two-year, mentor-led, field-based Middle Grades Education program in the John H. Lounsbury College of Education at Georgia College and State University. The curriculum in the cohort-based program is structured for teacher candidates to experience the many essential attributes of middle level education (e.g., integrated curriculum, advisory, teaming, looping, service learning). Within the program, there are three extensive field experiences during junior year, totalling over 600 hours, and the year-long senior placement and internship of over 750 hours, results in teaching certification in two content areas for Grades 4–8. The authors acknowledge the importance of involving partner school and other educational personnel to build the richness of the program and students' experiences. Finally, tensions and future challenges are discussed that may disrupt the core values of the JHL CoE in relation to student selection and enrolment into the program.


Teacher Education

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