Physical Layer Coding and Cryptanalysis for the Secure Communications

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Communications in Computer and Information Science


The privacy and security are highly requested in the cooperative communication system. The information is sent to the destination with the help of relays. In the system, there might be the eavesdroppers playing the role of the relay. It suffers the system security. Traditionally, the complex and difficult encryption scheme would be applied to a higher network layer. It is not suitable to apply to the equipment with low computing resources. According to Shannon Theory, positive secrecy capacity could support secure communications. In this work, based on the information theorem, the secrecy capacity analysis in the communication is given. Consider the difference between the amount of information at the source and that at the transmitter, the positive secrecy capacity with memory coding scheme under the lossless communication environment might be obtained. Then, the communication security could be implemented with the physical coding scheme. In this work, the physical layer coding schemes are examined. According to the degree of the freedom of the codeword, the secure communication could be achieved. It could be found the secrecy capacity could increase with coding rate decreasing with the multiple code assignments.


Information Systems and Computer Science

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1723 CCIS

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