Secrecy Rate Analysis in The Cooperative Communication System

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Conference Proceeding

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2021 IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics-Taiwan, ICCE-TW 2021


With the assistance of relays, cooperative communication provides the benefits of spatial diversity to improves the system performance. It could be prospective for the application of wireless networks. The issue of security is highly requested for personal privacy in the internet. With applying this cooperative system to internet service, security is critically requested. Usually, in the higher layer networks, it adopts an encryption to approach the security request. However, a complex encryption spends a lot of computer resource. It is not practical for Internet of things (IoT) application which has a limited computing resource. Shannon perfect secrecy illustrates the secure communication could be implemented on the physical layer. Assuming the relays in the system is the eavesdroppers, this paper provides the secrecy analysis for the cooperative system and gives a theoretical solution. With an appropriate assignment of relay, the results show that the cooperative system could provide a secure communication if the number of available relays is larger than that of eavesdroppers. A proper choosing the relays to transmit the information could be the important issue in the cooperative communication system.


Information Systems and Computer Science



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