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Cherry Waldrep Clements and Bill Clinton at a Habitat for Humanity event The bulk of the collection is made up of Mrs. Clements's notes and course materials from GSCW, Georgia Southern University and the University of Georgia; her recognitions as a public school math teacher; a cookbook author; a church member; and community reformer and political activist. Her papers reveal a myriad of achievements and a lifetime of public service.

It is possible to see some aspects of her college social life from photographs and programs from various campus events she may have attended. There is no correspondence to shed light on her life at school. Later correspondence is of a more personal nature, comprised mainly of thank you cards and letters.

The photos in her collection indicate that she was close friends with Mabel Ellis, Dorothy Ellis, Mary Jo Wilkes, Frances Laird, Helen Grace Phillips, Josephine Penn, Eleanor Johnson and Emily Johnson. Her correspondence also indicates a relationship with Bernice Brown McCullar and Eleanor McCullar Jennings.



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