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Senior and Graduate Nursing Students Educating Junior Learners Utilizing Mid-fidelity Simulation: Implementing and Testing of the CJMM Theoretical Framework

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Sterling Roberts

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School of Nursing



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Novice registered nurses often struggle with preforming an accurate focused physical assessment due to increasing patient complexities. Research indicates, novice registered nurses have great difficulty with processing various contributing health factors and discerning what clinical situation needs immediate attention (Egilsdottir et al., 2019). Communication on multi-levels (peer-to-peer and inter-professional) is another major issue for healthcare providers. The Joint Commission identified communication errors as being one of the top root causes of sentinel events among healthcare providers (Sentinel Event Alert 58: Inadequate hand-off communication, 2017). The nursing clinical judgment research conducted by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing resulted in the creation of the Clinical Judgment Measurement Model (CJMM). The CJMM was designed to explore new ways of testing clinical judgment in the nursing profession as part of the licensure examination. Subsequently, an action model to incorporate specific concepts of the CJMM is required to close the gap between what is measured on the exam and what is taught in clinical nursing education.

The proposed grant would allow the researcher to implement and test the CJMM of teaching that would offer students’ opportunities to develop physical assessment and communication skills by supporting students’ learning through various simulated patient scenarios. The potential funding opportunity provided by this grant, would afford the research faculty with the necessary financial support to pay for senior level students to support the learning of junior level nursing students in the School of Nursing (SON) lab during Phase I of this three phase project.

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