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Graduate Research Poster (pre-recorded oral presentation | virtual)



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Dr. Tina Holmes-Davis

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27-3-2024 9:00 AM

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27-3-2024 5:00 PM


The main focus of this research is to provide strategies for raising awareness and promoting support for elementary music programs. This literature review seeks to empower music educators with specific strategies for gaining support for music education in a society where budget cuts are vast and the demand for improved test scores on standardized exams favors the increased attention to be placed on core subjects alone. Music education is proven to have many lasting benefits outside of music education alone. Key elements for creating and maintaining a successful program include; collaboration efforts, communication with stakeholders, community performances, highlighting the integration of interdisciplinary subjects, the power of perception, the importance of inclusivity, and sustainability for lasting impacts. The purpose of this research is to equip educators with tools to change the perspectives of stakeholders in the communities to support the arts in a way that leaves lasting and sustainable impacts not only on our students but our communities as a whole.

Keywords: music, music education, advocacy, music advocacy, music education perspectives, music programs, Inclusivity, Interdisciplinary subjects, music collaboration, consistency


Music is a holistic approach to education. Constant communication, collaboration, and intentional inclusivity allow educators to raise awareness and promote lasting support for their programs. Further research could explore the greater influence of music education preservation through policy decisions made by lawmakers in specific districts or states.



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