Document Type


Session Format

Graduate Research Poster (no oral presentation)


Magnolia Ballroom

Publication Date

Spring 2024

Faculty Advisor

Cynthia Alby

Start Date

27-3-2024 10:00 AM

End Date

27-3-2024 10:50 AM


This project is a research-based creative endeavor that reimagines high school physics education. It proposes “The Thinking Classroom: High School Physics Reimagined”, a novel course design that fosters equity, engagement, and learning in the physics classroom. The course design draws on various principles and practices, such as student assets, social-emotional learning, culturally responsive teaching, Peter Liljedahl’s “building thinking classroom” approach, project-based learning, formative feedback, brain-based learning, and AI personalization. The project shows how this course design can transform physics education and prepare students for the 21st century.



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