Document Type


Session Format

Graduate Research Poster (no oral presentation)



Publication Date

Winter 2024

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Tina Holmes-Davis

Start Date

27-3-2024 9:00 AM

End Date

27-3-2024 5:00 PM


The elementary music classroom is a different environment than the normal elementary classroom, and requires careful attention to classroom management. Rather than only focusing on reactive classroom management, teachers should consider using proactive strategies to enhance their teaching and the classroom experience. Building positive relationships with students, both in and out of the classroom, will make them more receptive to corrective actions if necessary, and building strong relationships with parents and guardians can help address individual challenges that may arise. Designing lessons with thought towards student interest, visuals, pacing, teacher proximity and participation, and physiological needs of students will help deter off-task behavior. Developing robust routines that students understand and the teacher upholds will give consistency in the daily environment and prevent inadvertent missteps due to confusion over what is happening.



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