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Graduate Research Poster (pre-recorded oral presentation | virtual)



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Dr. Tina Holmes-Davis

Start Date

27-3-2024 9:00 AM

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27-3-2024 5:00 PM


Urban music educators face unique challenges not encountered by their suburban and rural counterparts. A challenge that many urban music educators face is that of consistent and meaningful parent engagement. Urban music educators face issues engaging parents such as a lack of communication, cultural barriers and a lack of action that is ultimately out of the educator’s control. This can lead to low retention of students in the urban music program, difficulties managing negative student behavior, and overall poor program outcomes. Some possible solutions that may assist the urban music educator in engaging parents are engaging the community of the school, social events involving parents and guardians and providing parent education to help parents and guardians understand how to be present in their student’s music education. Although these strategies can be carried out with fidelity, urban music educators must remain aware that these strategies can still fail due to factors such as burnout, safety concerns and other practicalities that cannot be controlled. Additional suggestions for research to be added to the literature are explored, such as determining what strategies for parent engagement work the best for urban music educators and exploring the role that popular music pedagogy may have in engaging the community through community action research.



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