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Spring 2-21-2021


Patient violence against nurses is a constant and valid local and global concern, and is an issue requiring action and advocacy on the behalf of novice nurses, as they are often more vulnerable to possible harm from workplace violence (WPV) than other health care providers A practice gap was identified within an undergraduate nursing program that no courses within the curriculum addressed the management of WPV against nurses. Current literature supports the need for awareness and strategies to prevent WPV against nurses and measures to improve nurses’ self-confidence in managing violent situations they may encounter in the workplace.

The purpose of this Doctor of Nursing Practice translational project titled “Improving Self-Confidence of Nursing Students Through Implementation of a Workplace Violence Virtual Simulation” was to determine if the implementation of an education module and a violence against nurses’ virtual simulation for senior level Associate of Science in Nursing students would increase their self-confidence in managing violent situations they may encounter as soon to be licensed nurses. The aim of this project was to enhance students’ knowledge about WPV, increase their confidence and ability to recognize signs of aggression, and practice evidence-based interventions to deescalate violence. The project used a pre-test post-test design to evaluate an educational intervention. Quantitative data was obtained and analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics.

Consistent with the literature, the results of this project support an educational module and virtual simulation training for nursing students as a method to improve their self-confidence when dealing with WPV against nurses. WPV against nurses is a topic that should be an integral part of the nursing curriculum to increase student nurses’ self-confidence in managing WPV to prepare them to create a safe environment for optimal outcomes.

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