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Music Performance Anxiety (MPA) is a common problem among musicians and has been shown to impact young children. There are many factors that may contribute to student feelings of MPA including perfectionism. Music educators are in a unique position and have a responsibility to assist students with MPA. While some strategies have been used to help individuals cope with feelings of MPA, music educators do not have researched strategies available to them which are easily implemented in general music classrooms. In music therapy and psychology, puppets have been used in work with children. In this study I research the use of a puppet to help students combat feelings of MPA. Four classes of second grade students were invited to sing a solo to their class with and without a puppet present. Results indicate the use of a puppet as a familiar and non-judgmental singing tool can decrease student feelings of MPA. This study is one small first step in finding solutions for educators to help students struggling with the effects of MPA.



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