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The object of this study is to determine whether the band room that I currently use is appropriate for the current number of students in my program and whether it will continue to have the proper amount of space for the foreseeable future. The study will use numbers for appropriate size from the National Association of Schools of Music and the Wenger Corporation, an accepted expert in the field of designing music rooms, suites, and buildings. I will compare different designs from other schools in the district and some designs from neighboring districts. The current number of students is an outlier because of the number of students that have opted to use distance learning because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this, an average of the students in the largest ensemble from each school for the last five years will be included as well as growth numbers expected from the main feeder school. Growth numbers will be extrapolated from the past three years growth in the middle school feeder programs that send students to the school in question.



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