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Many educators are posed with the task of supporting reading and math proficiencies of students, particularly in elementary school settings. It is the educator’s responsibility to take active part in the holistic growth of students. As music teachers, how can reading be intertwined in a way that can build a student’s reading score? Should there be additional learning taking place, or do music class curricula integrate reading well? Does music class actually have an effect on student reading skills? Supporting Reading with Music: Music Education and How It Supports Reading Proficiencies in Elementary School Students is a literature review that serves as an opportunity for Elementary Music Educators to take notice at their abilities to support reading skills in elementary school students. Gathering resources from databases such a as Galileo: Georgia’s Virtual Library, and Journal Storage, JSTOR, documents have been selected that feature a wide range of topics dealing with music and reading proficiency. Offering practical applications, research studies, and positive support and feedback, the review dives into the how of supporting reading through music classes. This review focuses on general music education, but it can also be applied, in some ways, to individualized music lessons. Although there are some researchers who oppose the idea of reading being supported through music, this review uncovers similarities and connections between the two that show music as a supporter of increasing reading proficiencies, from reading lyrics to sound and syllable creation.



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