The Effects of Schema-Based Instruction on Solving Math Word Problems for Students with Disabilities

Amber Betty, Georgia College & State University


This study was designed to use schema-based instruction to teach math word problem solving methods. Explicit instruction was reinforced with visuals, videos, and manipulatives to establish a framework of breaking down word problems into solid representations to create a concrete understanding of and ability to solve math word problems. The following question is the basis for this study: What effects will schema-based instruction have on solving math word problems for students with disabilities? A pre-test will be given to the participants to measure baseline scores. Schema-based instruction will be delivered using explicit instruction with support from modeling, graphs/pictorials/illustrations, and videos which will help the participants visually understand the concept and achieve mastery. Worksheets and quizzes will be used periodically throughout the intervention to check for participant understanding of the skillset. Should the participant not demonstrate mastery/understanding, the lesson will be re-delivered, and the researcher will check for understanding through classwork, quizzes, worksheets, and group work. The quizzes will be used for artifacts and progress monitoring for each participant to accurately solve word math problems. A post-test will be administered at the conclusion of the intervention. The pre and post test will be compared and checked for improvement in understanding of the skill set. The intervention will begin in February and end in March 2023. The total intervention should approximately six weeks. Schema-based instruction will be delivered with support from graphs/pictorials/illustrations, videos, pre and post-tests, worksheets, and quizzes.The document "SB Instruction" was added to the uploaded files. It breaks down the information of the math word problem for the students to better understand the values that need to be considered to solve the equation. Explicit instruction will also be used along with modeling the skill set with questions to ask one's self while sloving math word problems. Instruction will be given, the skill set will be modeled, then we will complete problems as a class. Once the students have demonstrated a clear understanding of the skill set, independent will will begin. The pre and post tests have not been constructed as they will be research created. No surveys will be administered.