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Team/Co-Teaching in the Instrumental Classroom:

A Differentiated and Holistic Approach to Instruction

Robert W. Groves

Department of Music Education, Georgia College and State University

MUED 6800: Research in Music Education

Dr. Tina Holmes-Davis

November 15, 2020


The literature used in this review serves as a source for the identification and defining of music program quality/success, impacting factors that positively and negatively affect music programs, and the use of effective advocacy through connections made between music and other subject areas, as well as how the implementation of a Team/Co-Teaching instructional model positively affects the overall quality of instruction and student learning. A pilot study was also conducted in correlation with this review to provide additional data in regard to overall instruction, perception of program success, and how the current use or the implementation of a Team/Co-Teaching model provides/could provide a catalyst for their program’s success. The data was collected through the distribution of two survey-questionnaires. The Team Teaching in Instrumental Music Questionnaire (TTIMQ) and the Follow-up TTIMQ (F-TTIMQ) offered both open-ended and Likert type rated responses regarding the participant’s program/school demographic, socioeconomic status (SES), scheduling, course offerings, budgeting/funding, and instructional practices. Both survey-questionnaires were distributed through the Georgia Music Educators Association to all secondary instrumental music educators. A total of seventeen music educators responded to both the TTIMQ and the F-TTIMQ. Results from both the literature review and the pilot study suggest that the implication of a Team/Co-Teaching instructional model (a) is an impacting factor in the quality and success of a music program, (b) provides the educator the ability to differentiate and remediate instruction more effectively and efficiently, and (c) enhances student learning by creating a more positive and productive learning environment.

Keywords: team-teaching, co-teaching, cooperative teaching, advocacy, instrumental music, music education



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