Help Me Help You: Impact of Outreach on Recruitment and Client Engagement

Mary Brigid Harding, Georgia College & State University
Abigail McCabe, Georgia College & State University


The purpose of this research is to determine how much outreach is too much outreach when recruiting students to Georgia College Graduate Programs. Within the College of Business and Technology we track inquiries and applicants as well as tracking the outreach that is conducted within the office. The outreach tracking, being updated weekly, is intended to watch for potential impact on our conversion rates. The process being researched is that we will find the point at which outreach increasing conversion rates might plateau, and if ever it were to go down due to “too much” outreach. We will be tracking inquiries from Fall 2022 semester through the beginning of Spring 2023 and conduct how much outreach (i.e., Emails sent, phone calls, cards mailed) it takes to move an inquiry to an applicant and if there is a point where there has been too much outreach and applicant numbers start to decline.