A Hidden Figure: Adella Hunt Logan, Tuskegee's First Librarian

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January 2022

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The Black Librarian in America: Reflections, Resistance, and Reawakening


Recent scholarship has shone a light on the experiences of Black women librarians such as Audre Lorde (Pollock & Haley 2018), Nella Larsen (Hochman, 2018), Belle de Costa Green (Ardizzone, 2017), and Regina Andrews Anderson (Whitmire, 2019). As Pollock and Haley (2018) make clear: “Black women have always been integral to first, literacy movements of the 1800s and later librarianship. It also became clear that literacy, social justice activism, and literary cultural production have always intersected for middle class, educated Black women.” One place where this can be observed is within the profession of librarianship” (15). One name that is absent from the canon of noteworthy Black women librarians is Adella Hunt Logan. This essay will explore the degree to which the collection and dissemination of information and social justice activism intersected within her life and work.

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