NCHA variable combination as a method to undertake LGBTQ + student subpopulation analyses

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Journal of American College Health


Objective: Combine National Collegiate Health Assessment (NCHA) measures indicating LGBTQ + membership into a single variable in order to analyze health responses of this group as compared to their cisgender, heterosexual (cis-het) peers. Participants: Students at a liberal arts university who completed the Spring 2019 NCHA-II study (n = 1107). Methods: Four different NCHA sexual orientation and gender identification variables were combined, creating a new variable to examine the campus LGBTQ + student sub-sample as a single, complete group. That group was then compared to cis-het students across multiple variables. Results: LGBTQ + students reported statistically significant differences for key variables such as suicide attempts, suicidal ideation, and self-harm, as well as for stressors that impact academic success such as discrimination. Conclusions: This analysis indicates that the challenges campus LGBTQ + students face are much different than their cis-het peers. Support from campus community members is suggested to reduce negative impacts for these students.


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