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Fall 12-9-2011

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When using the term "Orff Music Therapy," the assumption is made that the person conducting the lesson or session is a music therapist. Conversely, one assume that the person leading an Orff-Schulwerk lesson is an educator. A major difference between Orff-Schulwerk and Orff Music Therapy is the goal of the lesson or session. The goal of Orff-Schulwerk is music education. The goal of an Orff Music Therapy session is usually non-musical, such as working on motor control or increasing attention span. In order to fully reach the whole child, teachers and therapists should take into account a secondary focus to their lesson or session that incorporates the goals of the other profession. Music therapists should also look to educate their clients in music education goals. Music educators should also seek to help their students with non-musical goals such as social skills or self-esteem.