Michelle Gibson Collection


Michelle Gibson Collection



Acrylic on Wood with Silk Flowers

Artist Statement
This year has been a time of great isolation, division, and grief for many people around the world due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and social tension. I found it necessary to focus on unity and peace in my own life to overcome the bombardment of negativity. My artwork reflects images described by the Biblical ideals of 1 Corinthians 12:12-27. These verses provide an analogy of the human body comprised of many parts working together toward one unifying purpose. My concept of work focuses on the importance of unity and its inherent beauty.

Each painting is reflective of a single body part. Each is unique, beautiful, and holds value to the body as a whole. Just as important as the ear is for hearing, the foot is for walking. Diversity is necessary for the unification of the body.

The three-dimensional silk foliage and vibrant paint strokes encourage viewers to see the natural beauty our bodies hold. Simultaneously, the wood canvases of varying shapes and sizes reinforce the idea that diverseness is necessary to create a harmonious body. Assembling this visual collage of painted body parts while incorporating wood and flowers will create a sense of beauty and the significance of how we are inherently different.

These works are a reminder of how important it is that we see ourselves as a united front and that individuality is beautiful and necessary. The free and expressionistic brushstrokes and meticulously added flowers create a body of work representing these verses that I hold so dearly.

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Michelle Gibson Collection