Bitter Banshee Brewing Co.


Bitter Banshee Brewing Co.



Bitter Banshee Brewing Co.
Adobe Suites
16” x 14.5”

Artist Statement
My work as a graphic designer has pushed me to explore the notion of why many of us are psychologically drawn to the emotion of fear, and what place that can have in advertising and product consumption. By connecting the oral traditions of storytelling and beer drinking, I have developed a conceptual craft beer company, Bitter Banshee Brewing Co., that is based on a theme of Folklore and the many gruesome antagonists around which these tales are centered.

I aim to create a brand that reflects the morbidity of the characters by illustrating their distinctive features and characteristics while contrasting that with the palatable product of beer. This series is based on four female spirits: La Llorona, Kuchisake-Onna, Deer Woman, and Soucouyant. Each of these beings brings an onslaught of misfortune and danger to their victims, so consumers should drink with caution. My goal is to have a product that, even for those that are not thrill-seekers, will attract the viewer in based on a sense of intrigue and desire to explore the unknown.

This body of work has encouraged me to explore the traditional principles of branding and package design and what that means within my own style and vision for this company. I am interested in incorporating imagery which reflects the gestural qualities of a sketch, in contrast with bold design elements and a focus on positive and negative space to add dimension, balance, and symmetry.

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Bitter Banshee Brewing Co.