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Bringing ASL into Educational Theatre through Nina Raine's "Tribes"


Julia Whitten

Faculty Mentor: Dr Amy Pinney

Looking Through the Lens: Immigrants and Their Stories


Stephanie Telon

Faculty Mentor: Amy Pinney

Out with the Old, in with the Vague: Re-examining the link between Ideological Identity and Policy Ideals in America

American Politics

Claire Korzekwa

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Min Kim

Modeling Interest Rate

Applied Mathematics

Hanwen Chen

Faculty Mentor: Jebessa Mijena

Determinants of Self-Esteem

Applied Statistics

Noah MacDonald

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jebessa Mijena

The Role of Religion in Contemporary Paraguay as Seen Through Denominationalism, Leadership, Culture, and Globalization


Laura Whitworth

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Stephanie McClureDr. Bradley Koch

Building Civic Capacity Through a Collaborative Citizens Academy

Arts and Humanities

Mya McCoy

Faculty Mentor: Stephanie McClure

Do NFL Player Conduct Violations Affect Team Wins?

Arts and Humanities

Ethan Parsons

Faculty Mentor: Brooke Conaway

Queering Greek Life and Diversity Centers

Arts and Humanities

Courtney Anne Henry

Faculty Mentor: Melissa Gerrior Dr. Stephanie McClure

The College Gate Keepers: An Analysis of College Counseling and Student College Access

Arts and Humanities

Tatyana Patterson
Sarah Breedn
Destiny Jackson

Faculty Mentor: Stephanie McClure

Does the Size of an NFL Receiver Prospect’s Hands Affect his Draft Stock?


Bowen Moore

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Brooke Conaway

Memory Differences Between GIF and Static Images

Cognitive Psychology

Samuel Martin, Georgia College & State University
Ansley Hicks, Georgia College & State University
Madelyn Baker, Georgia College & State University
Kyle Thatcher, Georgia College and State University

Faculty Mentor: Eric rindal

The Historiography of Ballet Russes and the Russian Revolution: Dramaturgy for the play Ballet Russes

Dramatic Literature, Criticism and Theory

Sachen Kele Pillay, Georgia College & State University

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Karen Berman

How Do Extracurriculars Affect Math Grades?


Taylor Walls

Faculty Mentor: Brooke Conaway

Does Height Influence Criminal Behavior?


Zack Moore

Faculty Mentor: Brooke Conaway

Does Professional Sports Team Performance Affect City Crime?


Matthew Studdard

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Brooke Conaway

Checking the Box: An Analysis of Student and Faculty Satisfaction and Success


Elizabeth Porter
Paige Overmyer, Georgia College & State University
Kayla Henne, Georgia College & State University

Faculty Mentor: Stephanie McClure

Racial Discrimination in the Courtroom: An Analysis of Implicit Bias in Plea-Bargaining

Inequality and Stratification

Anna Schendl

Faculty Mentor: Stephanie McClure

Bone Mineral Density in Female Athletes and Female Students

Medicine and Health Sciences

Margaret Huss
Madeline Hamilton

Faculty Mentor: Mike Martino

Comparison of FMS Deep Squat Scores in Barefoot vs Shod Conditions in College Students

Medicine and Health Sciences

Tanna McPherson, Georgia College & State University
Schuyler White, Georgia College & State University
Ragan Christian, Georgia College & State University

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mike Martino

Comparison of Front and Side-Facing Jumps to Assess Maximal Vertical Jump Height using the Vertec

Medicine and Health Sciences

Oliver Carnazzo

Faculty Mentor: Mike Martino

The Gut Brain Connection: Does our diet affect our mood?

Medicine and Health Sciences

Rachel Miller

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Gail Godwin

Modeling FICO Score and Loan Amount

Numerical Analysis and Computation

Ashleigh Romer

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jebessa Mijena

Mental health issues are associated with increased risky health behaviors among US college students

Other Mental and Social Health

Rebekah Bandy
Skylar Hudgens-Wallace, Georgia College & State University
Rachel Pope, Georgia College & State University

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Damian Francis

Scenic Design - Ballet Russes

Other Theatre and Performance Studies

Laura Swarner

Faculty Mentor: Isaac Ramsey

A Current Overview of Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare treatment at Enviros Shunda Creek


Garrett Cook, Georgia College & State University
Kylie Knox, Georgia College & State University
Matthew (Cole) Brogden, Georgia College & State University
Ava Hughes, Georgia College & State University

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Lee Gillis

The Relationship Between Children’s Misbehavior and Parental Discipline


Hannah Buggs, Georgia College & State University
Emma Smith, Georgia College & State University

Faculty Mentor: Tsu-Ming Chiang