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Band Method Percussion Books Survey

Arts and Humanities

Haley Strassburger

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Clifford Towner

Trax on the Trail: Researching Music on the U.S. Presidential Campaign Trail

Arts and Humanities

Sarah Griffin
Haley Strassburger

Faculty Mentor: Dana Gorzelany-Mostak (Assistant Professor of Music, Georgia College), Research AdvisorNaomi Graber (Assistant Professor of Musicology, University of Georgia)Zach Sheffield (Independent Web Developer/Data Scientist)

Genetic suppressor screen in search of novel Sec6 interacting proteins in Saccharomyces cerevisiae


Molly Bullington, Georgia College & State University

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Y Ellen France (

The Binding Site Between the Adenoviral Protein E4 11k and the Cellular Protein Ddx6


O'Nekia Samuel, Georgia College & State University

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kasey Karen

Adenovirus: Invasion of the Cell

Cell Biology

Jada Moore, Georgia College and State University

Faculty Mentor: Kasey Karen

NSC Role-Playing Simulations: Student Perspectives


Bentley Earnest

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Steve Elliott-Gower

The Isolation, Purification and DNA Analysis of a Potentially Novel Mycobacteriophage

Life Sciences

Cana Dee, Georgia College & State University
Emily Skibinski, Georgia College & State University

Faculty Mentor: Indiren Pillay

Comparing Dorsiflexion vs Plantar Flexion Jump Position on Vertical Jump Height Utilizing Just Jump System

Medicine and Health Sciences

Macie Kirby
Savannah Bland
Amber Garrett
Rachel Breitenbach

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mike Martino

Stacked Hydropower Design


Lawrence Harrison

Faculty Mentor: Samuel Mutiti