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Black Women’s Use of Christian Rhetoric from 1851 to 1916

Kayla Goode, Georgia College & State University

Major: English (Creative Writing Concentration)

Faculty Mentor: 1

Connecting Pieter Bruegel: Using Technology to Understand the Northern Renaissance

Ella Cooper

Major: Art History, Liberal Studies

Faculty Mentor: 1

Digital Arts in the Videogame Industry

Owen Austin-Totty

Major: Studio Art

Faculty Mentor: 1

Digital Humanities Roundtable Discussion

Lorin Taylor
Grant Vandenberg
AK Sweeney
Wesley Arp
Sara Coleman
Rehema Karanja
Shadimon Smith
Charlotte Aexel
Sidonia Serafini
Evan Leavitt

Major: N/A

Faculty Mentor: 1

John Brown Antislavery Lectures in England (1851-1856)

Ellie Munson

Major: Psychology

Faculty Mentor: 1

Mapping a Participatory Digital History of Baldwin County’s Waste Memories

Salvatore DePasquale
Tanner Adams
Josh Morris

Faculty Mentor: 1

Mapping the Ancients

Catherine Tanner, Georgia College & State University

Major: Rhetoric/Mass Communications

Faculty Mentor: 1