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Dr. Rui Kang


The purpose of my research project was to involve students in interactive activities using the ActivBoard in order to guide practices that may lead to increased reading skills. My research project involved an ActivBoard group and a control group. Each group consisted of twenty second grade students in separate classes but taught at the same elementary school. The ActivBoard group engaged in active learning using guided practices incorporating the ActivBoard into the reading curriculum. Each group completed four pre- and posttest reading quizzes, two CRCT reading tests, and two STEEP reading fluency tests. I conducted this study over a two month period. The results of my research project are inconclusive. While the ActivBoard group showed sharp improvement between the pre- and posttests, the control group also showed moderate improvement. It should also be noted that my sample size is small and may not allow the level of statistical power necessary to detect differences between the treatment group and control group in any of the quizzes and especially in the standardized tests. Further research with larger sample sizes is required in order to make more definitive conclusions on the effects of the ActivBoard on students’ reading performance.

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