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Dr. Karynne Kleine


In recent years, there have been a number of studies regarding mathematics instruction. Specifically, efforts to address the achievement gap across the United States have been discussed and still the contributing factors and possible solutions have either been unacknowledged or partly recognized. Hence, the need for such research is critical and imperative to educating persons of the matter that exists within mathematics education today. This study was conducted in a natural setting in which cognitive and cultural characteristics were explored in order to identify how such differences amongst students influence their exhibition of mathematical abilities. In particular, literature regarding cognitive style, culture in the classroom, and teacher preparation were consulted in order to establish a foundation for this study. The research conducted and the implications that follow are significant to the discipline of mathematics and perhaps more importantly to teachers seeking to educate today’s diverse group of students of mathematical concepts. Hence, the implications of this study are of great value and necessary for improving education at the national level as well as individual practices for mathematics instructors as well.

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