Volume 13 (2012)


The goal of The Corinthian has always been, and continues to be, to promote and uphold the value of student research at Georgia College. The past two years The Corinthian has continued to change, grow, and adapt to constantly ensure that the encouragement and promotion of student research is maintained as the heart of our journal. I have been honored to be a part of this journal for the past two years and have had the opportunity to work with some amazing women: Keli Ross, Lucy Bartholomew, and Natalie Sharp. Of course, our staff would not be complete without the invaluable support and guidance of our advisor, John Bowen. There are many people that have worked very hard to make this volume a possibility. A sincere and grateful “thank you” goes out to all of The Corinthian staff, the volunteer faculty reviewers, the faculty sponsors, and the student authors; without all of you this volume would not have been possible. These last two years as part of The Corinthian have been an incredible journey and I have been honored to have been a part of the adventure. I am excited about the future of the journal and I look forward to many more volumes to come.


Editorial Board

Sophie E. Dunne
Copy Editor
Keli D. Ross
Copy Editor
Lucy Bartholomew
Copy Editor
Natalie Sharp
Staff Advisor
John Bowen