Faculty Mentors

Dr. Kelly Manning


It is no surprise to most everyone that the human life depends tremendously on a compound composed of two Hydrogen atoms and an Oxygen atom: water. Water is such a huge component of the human life; it comprises 75% of the body weight in infants, 55% in the elderly and is crucial for cellular homeostasis. In fact without water humans can only survive two to four days. In a moderately brief period of time, failure to consume enough water will lead to deteriorating neurologic function, organ failure, and ultimately death. Failure to consume a proper amount of fluid has always been linked to such life threatening outcomes, but equally important is how dehydration affects the way one thinks, feels, and is able to perform. Each of these are important aspects of life, in that these very components shape the human life. Most research has led to the notion that the inability to take in and maintain the necessary amount of water can lead to impaired cognitive functions, disturbed emotional states, and decreased physical performance.



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