Faculty Mentors

Dr. Jessica Wallace


Often referred to as the ‘Pocahontas of Georgia,’ Mary Musgrove played a very prominent role in facilitating peaceful relationships between Native Americans and English settlers. And, much like Pocahontas, recent scholarship on Mary Musgrove has slowly been chipping away at the mask designated to her by popular memory. Historian Michael D. Green argues that Mary Musgrove’s life “represented a distinct vision for the future of the English in America.” This vision was one in which Native American and English identities could be combined, which Mary intended not only for herself, but also for English colonists and the Creeks. Mary’s vision of a world where one could live in peace as both a Native American and English person was, however, severely shattered; Mary Musgrove’s rise to power as a businesswoman and landowner of ‘mixed blood’ threatened English colonists’ predominantly white, patriarchal society and ultimately led to the absolution of their relationship.



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