Faculty Mentors

Dr. Sunita Manian


This paper will dive into the various pharisaical views and practices by governments and cultures through an intersectional feminist lens. Throughout the world, cultures shape the definition of appropriate and expected dress, particularly for women. In previous years, the covering of woman’s hair and/or face was a systemic oppression forced on by a patriarchal government. These women have made efforts to reclaim this clothing by enforcing a choice to wear or to not wear the garment. Western Feminism, however, still views these women as oppressed and forces them to remove their covering, such as making it illegal to wear or encouraging the relation of the headscarf to that of a terrorist, making many Muslim people afraid to wear their covering in public.

White and Western Feminism will be especially evaluated as the actual oppressor of many countries and their women. The savior complex that the United States aggressively adheres to creates a world shaped by one country’s perspective of freedom. The ones that disagree with this perspective are either forced into agreement or targeted as an enemy. The White Feminism comes into play again as rich women tell “poor” women that to be truly free, they must be more like them; they must remove the headscarf to experience genuine liberation from their “oppressive” life. As the White Feminist demands that the Muslim woman remove her oppressive garment, the White Feminist becomes the actual oppressor hidden beneath a mask of benevolence.



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