Faculty Mentors

Dr. Hunt, Dr. Simonavice, and Dr. Speelman


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to:1) Collect descriptive data regarding participant health levels based on glucose, cholesterol, blood-pressure, heart-rate, height, weight, and body-composition measurements over a five-year time period and 2) Determine if study abroad health screenings and educational workshops were effective in balancing participant health level metrics to within known ideal norm-ranges over the course of the intervention.

Methods: Eighteen graduate and undergraduate study abroad students were trained each of the five years of the study to collect glucose, cholesterol, blood-pressure, heart-rate, height, weight, and body-composition measurements. Testing was conducted in hospitals, clinics, elderly care facilities, open markets, and local businesses throughout San Ignacio, Belize, under the supervision of tenured faculty. American College of Sports Medicine and National Student Nursing Association protocols were implemented during data collection.

Results: One-way repeated-measures ANOVA and Mixed Design ANOVA suggest that over the course of the five-year intervention, recorded health metrics consistently improved across all levels, in all testing locations, for both male and female subjects.

Discussion: Data suggest that the annual interventions appeared to prompt change in behavior among participants that allowed for progressive improvement in all areas of health assessments. Interventions appeared to be effective with facilitating appropriate remediation strategies into daily regimens, possibly enhancing both the quality and quantity of life of participants.



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