Faculty Mentors

Dr. Kevin Hunt


PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to identify and analyze environmental, behavioral and logistical factors that affect employee usage of a campus Wellness and Recreation Center (WRC), in order to design a logistically and conceptually sound intervention action plan that effectively promotes a culture of wellness on campus among employees. METHODS: An electronic survey was disseminated through the Qualtrics platform to campus faculty and staff, assessing employee demographic information; fitness levels; WRC membership status; satisfaction levels of WRC or off-campus wellness facilities; and impressions of potential WRC recruitment incentives. RESULTS: Employee response rates were observed at thirteen percent of the faculty and staff population. Eighteen percent of responders were current members of the campus WRC, twenty-nine percent were members of off-campus wellness centers, and fifty-three percent reported not belonging to any structured wellness facility or program. WRC members ranked the facilities equipment, rules and policies, and access to parking as areas of greatest satisfaction. Off-campus wellness center members ranked operational hours, staff support, and equipment as areas of greatest satisfaction. Employees ranked free induction personal training sessions, contractually allotted exercise time, and staff-only operational hours as the most enticing incentives to prompt WRC membership. CONCLUSION: In order to attract employee members to the WRC, and establish a culture of wellness on campus, stakeholders should consider reducing or removing employee membership fees; instituting twenty-four-hour facility access; mandating employee-only hours; advocating for contractually allocated exercise time; hiring and training qualified fitness assistants; and offering free introductory personal training sessions.



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