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Many students in the music classroom have normal hearing, but we do see some classrooms that have students who are deaf either sing or perform. Many deaf students use cochlear implants for their daily lives, but some do not use cochlear implants and still do well in the music classroom. There are many students who think that family involvement is important to those with cochlear implants. The parents should be aware of that the sound quality from a student who uses CI is not the same as a student who has normal hearing. Single-Sided deafness is one of the types of deafness that many students can experience using cochlear implants, which can affect a student who wants to appreciate music. There are ways to help students who are deaf and use cochlear implants, the first one is rhythmic training, which helps students improve on speech and music behavior. Another way to help students who use cochlear implants, is to use a singing proficiency to help the central auditory system by music training.

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