Faculty Mentors

Tina Holmes-Davis


In this paper, I will examine the relationship between perfect pitch, auditory processing disorders, and autism spectrum disorders and how this potential relationship affects the music education of students living with these conditions. Thorough and analytical perspectives are presented on one or more of these diagnoses, providing the opportunity to make thoughtful and relevant connections to students inside and outside of the classroom. Dohn, Garza-Villareal, Heaton, and Vust (2012) and Jiang, Liu, Wan, and Jiang (2015) discuss their research on the heightened presence of autism traits in musicians with perfect pitch and the idea of pitch processing and intonation in terms of melodic contour in autistic speakers of tonal languages, respectively. In addition, the role of auditory processing in perfect pitch possessors is explored by McKetton and Schneider (2018) and in students with autism spectrum disorder by Remington and Fairnie (2017). Each of these perspectives provides the opportunity to make connections to the music educations of students living with these conditions.



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