Volume 21 (2024)

Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers,

In a world that is so swept by the hurried notion of doing things now, we often forget the value of things that take time to produce. In our academic and personal experiences, we have come to understand that good things take time, and under that category falls The Corinthian. It has been close to three years since an edition of The Corinthian has been released, and much has changed since then. We are a different school with a different student body. We are full of different ideas and motivations, all of which will be positively expressed in these pages. Undergraduate research has always been valued at Georgia College & State University, and I hope students will continue to pursue this opportunity and the lessons its processes teach. As the editor of The Corinthian, I am honored to be trusted with its rebirth, and aspire to do the ideas presented justice. I am constantly reminded of the vast nature of education and the ways that it presents itself in more than just words on a paper, but in what it inspires outside of the office. In life, sometimes a break is needed to ensure productive growth, and it is my hope that that will be evident in this new version of

Claire Kosobud
The Corinthian Vol. 21



Atrial Fibrillation
Julianna G. Perritt and Jennifer Goldsberry


An Existentialist Love
Garrett T. Harrison


Effects of High-Intensity Interval Training on Body Composition in Individuals with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Allyson A. Wahus, Kensi L. Tenhouse, Rachel K. Drucker, Autumn R. Tucker, Gilberto G. Buitrago, Isabella G. Empoliti, and Lauren M. Lipscomb


Letter from the Editor
Claire Kosobud

Miss Kitty by Emmaline Wellborn

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Claire Kosobud

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Jolene Cole

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Alex Blazer
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Jennifer Goldsberry
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Jinkyung Park
Sterling Roberts
James Hill Welborn III

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Emmaline Wellborn

Miss Kitty