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Industrialized countries seem to look condescendingly at African societies that practice female clitorectomy, but the same people line their sons up to be circumcised soon after birth. A clitorectomy, also known as female genital mutilation (FGM), is defined as "a destructive, invasive procedure that is usually performed on girls before they reach puberty that removes part or all of the clitoris". There are many different types of female genital mutilation. The lesser of the three evils is called Sunna circumcision. The tip of the clitoris and/ or its covering, known as the prepuce, is removed. The second type is called clitoridectomy, in which the entire clitoris, the prepuce and the adjacent labia are removed. The last classification is infibulation, also referred to as Pharaonic circumcision. This is a later process done after a clitoridectomy in which the vulva is also sewn up.

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